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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 7, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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great news. the court is stacked with republican appointees but could see prop 8 different lie very happy about this supreme court phone shallly rescuing the vote of the people in california. it's up to the supreme court to be more level headed and more royal to their boss, the u.s. constitution. >> both sides do agree on one thing. the fate will likely race on a californian who decides controversial cases. >> the swing vote is anthony kennedy from sacramento. >> i think he's our hope. >> high court we'll take a look at the constitutional of doma which shuts doubt benefits for same-sex marriage couples ruling foz both cases expected by june.
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>> thank you. >> defense of marriage act signed into law in 1996. in february, 2004, san francisco began)cuh issuing same-sex marriage licenses until an order to stop in march. in 2005 california legislature passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage. but waits vetoed by governor schwartzeneggar. three years later put to a vote. prop 8 passes banning same-sex marriage. and 2010, prop 8 ruled unconstitutional. >> we'll have more on the question at 6:00. let's move on to other news. a major road in eastern contra costa county is closed because of a fatal car crash. sky 7 is over the scene. you're looking at aftermath of a terrible head on collision. the california patrol conferms one person died and this is the tough part.
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witnesses say the victim looks like a young boy around 7 years old, we're sorry to tell you. the accident happened at 3:30 this afternoon. the chp there is no estimate on when the scene will be cleared but one fatality, sadly. >> owners of 20 cars took off with vehicles rightful owners asked them to sell. abc 7 news is live tonight. people are used to sticker shock on car lots, but not this. >> not missing cars. police and car owners wondering what happened to the cars. what we've learned is that some people who left their cars inkkq this now empty lot signed title to cars over to the stp company. car consignment businesses say not only is that unusual, but not industry practice. >> the cause now is you know,
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not sure what i can do. >> he is asking a police officer what he can do to get theh?6ñ car back. he left his car here now, the car, which he's still making payments on is registered in the name of sunnyvale motor car autos they can report it stolen. >> your car someñdtj. >> 30 cars have gone missing brandon fryer says he saw them go. >> the car starts to disappear. trucks taking them out. saturday morning everything is gone. >> a lot of them have double loans on cars. they lost over 20,,000. >> abc 7 news learned that some of the cars were taken to an unnamed auto auction. police first learned of this problem last week, receiving a call from a victim saying the
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car was stolen. yelp filled with comments from owner autos we have to plus phone shall victims of a fraud. that our investigators are working on right now. >> police captain says the case is complicated. some victims may have signed over pink slip titles to the company, giving cars to the business. others may have had their cars stolen by operators of the business. >> those agreements appear to have gone awry. we're trying to get down to the bottom of what wasb[ upon. what has transpired and where we are now. >> this afternoon a process server came to serve papers on a business owner. we attempted to contact miss $z moved a monthing ay and left no
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forwarding address. police are investigating. >> thank you very much. so how can you protect yourself from being victimized in a car consignment company? this is sad. >> i feel sorry for those people. there are ways to minimize the risk get insurance. i should say, keep your insurance on the car when handing it off could be consigned. if someone test driving it you should be covered. remember, you still own the car until it gets sold. you'll need to show the title to the dealer before taking it on as a consignment. you should insist upon keeping it until the car is sold, then, bring it in and trade it for the cash. and do your research. the web filled with reviews. you want to check it out.
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go to bbb. yelp and everyone else. you need to try to figure out what the people are like before you turn over cars to them. ppens often. this is 20 at once is odd. one two, here and there is not. >> no kid something. >> yes. thank you. >> no major damage is reported. a tense situation ended on the embarcadero. police arrested a man who climbed on to a scaffold and he climbed on to the scaffolding this afternoon, after police searched a site for him. a investigator came and tried to coax the man into surrendering. >> no zig can't damage following an earthquake iníebruç northeastern japanu8ñ the area f
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tokyo devastated by the off shore tsunami. japan says it shook buildings and no major damage there. the march, 2011 quake was a six. early warnings gave him thyme to head for higher ground. >> police say they arrested a teenager on!n%z
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>> california economy may not be growing as well as has been reported. the state took in revenues last month that were 11% below projections. taxes were really down 213%. a portion due to corporate tax refunds going out last month. sales taxes areo;m(u better than expected. controller warned california must be disciplined. >> the government's monthly jobs report better than expected last month, showing the economy added 146,000 new jobs in november. bringing unemployment rate to 7.7 prgs, that is lowest in four years. california farmers want to hire more, but can't knlt. a report shows 61% reported
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having a shortage of workers on the farm. waits worse for farmer growsing labor intensive crops like vegetables and crop crops -- grapes. 71% said they're short on employees. the pew report says the number of unauthorized immigrants commonly known to worng farms remained constant over three years. >> pilots at american airlines approved a new labor contract. the union addressed -- announced results today saying 74% of the pilots voted to ratify the contract. pilots will pay pay raises and own 13% of the parent company, likely clearing the way with a merger with u.s. airway autos san francisco school officials invited america's toughest p1ñ wria letter after denying them a chance to speak to their class in person. the sheriff happens to be in san francisco for a conference. he received a bundle of
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letters written in spanish from students that criticized his aggressive enforcement of immigration laws in phoenix. >> and i'm concerned about parents giving the wrong message to their kids. and even teacher asks schools. because this class had to be controlled by a teacher. >> arpio gained fame for making inmates wear pink under wear. >> fox con, parts supplier for apple is considering a u.s. expansion now that apple ceo said it will begin manufacturing products here in the united states. and housing employees and dorms have been working for unbearly long hours and apple has not revealed which products will be made in the united states.
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>> listen to this. local researchers find a gene that could lead to a pill this-to-fight fat. >> and a judge decides whether golfers can still tee off on a golf course at the jernt of a battle. >> abc 7 news is live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center. it's getting chilly. we have milder weather coming up for the weekend making you wonder if we're two weeks from winter. we'll take a look at temperatures coming up. >> and thanking our vets with gift of wheels. a fitting honor this pearl harbor day. stay with us. the news continues in just a
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targeting young woman walking alone at night this, person changed his appearance since the assault on june 6th. police say he struck again november 20th. a night later an attempted assault. witnesses say he's driving a white sedan similar to a nissan altima, like this one that may have a child seat in the back. >> the coast guard observed 71 anniversary today of the attack on pearl harbor with ceremonies in alameda. three veterans now in their 90s were guests of honor some 2400 died in the attack on pearl harbor. it's pitching america into world war ii. on this day a marine ask a young veteran in san francisco received a wonderful gift.
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those gifts came from four tires and an engine. two brave men went home today in recycled rides. >> navy second class petty officer rests the engine of his car. he couldn't feel the foot on the gas because his right side of the body is mostly paralyzed. >> i was only in afghanistan eight days before being injured on a mission i got ak 47 shot through the helmet into my head. >> that is just before last christmas. it's been a long, hard year but jordan is fighting hard for recovery. today sh he got a gift to help. a refurbished car. >> the car i have now is a jeep. it's a stick shift. i can't shift with my right hand. >> others were eager to help.
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>> supporting the military is in the company's blood. >> my father and grandfather, his father. so it's a cause that is near and dear to my heart, as well as mike's. our company believes in what we're doing. >> they did it, times two.yfóv for this staff sargeant, timing was perfect. just returning three days ago on a mission to get wheels. >> it's weird how this worked out. i didn't know bit. >> mike and jordan are the first to benefit from recycled rides but won't be the last. there will be more cars for more veterans in need. >> this is hard not to feel that way. people assume war is over.
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my friends are still getting >> wonderful program. would you like to nominate a vet for this? you can learn how to do that. >> fabulous pam. a new college student loan gos into affect towards the end of the month. the pay as your earn program allows eligible students to cap payments to 10% of income. in addition, the loan will being forriven after 20 years time. for those involved in public forriven after 10 years. they must qualify for partial financial hardship. >> a lawsuit in san francisco has been dismissed. a court judge found the city did not violate endangered species act by allowing golf in the park.
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it found golf is not likely to jeopardize existence of the california red legged frog and san francisco garter snake. the ruling ends a battle over the future of the course. >> listen to this. airplane mode on electronics may be a thing of the past if the head of the fcc gets his way. the chairman sent a letter asking them to allow the use of mobile phones and other electronic devices during all portions of the flight.]5)q now, requiring passengers to turn devices off during takeoff and landing. >> researchers in uc berkeley studying the way our body converts carbohydrates into fat found a gene contributing to fatty liver disease. and is a result of a diet filled with carbs. three quarters of obese people and a third of the americans have fatty liver disease.
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that now has potential to target drugs, treat diabetes and fatty liver disease. the study published online. a german study finds women 35 ask younger develop a different kind of breast cancer. researchers studied 9,000 women. they found tumors in younger women were more aggressive suggesting they receive chemotherapy before surgery. >> let's move on to talk about the weekend weather. it's arrived. >> and sandhya is bundled up. no umbrella there. >> you think boy not have my coat and gloves on a night like this? it's getting cold up here, high clouds towards embarcadero. they're thin and
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whisp -- wisky. i want to show you our camera. taking a look at after glow of the sunset at 4:51 tonight. yesterday earlier of the year. and check out i live doppler 7 hd. it's quiet on live doppler 7 hd. and we'll keep it nice and dry for the weekend. don't worry. you'll not need umbrellas. it's 56 degrees. it's 56 in antioch down to 59 in san jose. and you can see milder readings around oakland, fremont and redwood city into low 60s, chilly tonight. watch out for patchy valley fog. conditions sunday. then, cooler mid week with a chance of showers. so radar will be tracking a storm again by the middle of
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the week.wyvo7 check out cold temperatures down to 36 degrees in napa. like this morning. 35 in santao/!y rosa.pzt 37 in fairfield. bundle up if you have plans tomorrow, it's going to be cold. and of course, watch out for fog. high pressure controls weather. plenty of sunshine, occasionally clouds. this is what you'll are to worry b fog is spilling over towards north and east bay valleys. so watch fourt patchy valley fog. tomorrow afternoon, 62 in san jose. 64 los gatos. beautiful day. high clouds, half moon bay, 60 degrees.
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61 in downtown san francisco. 61 in san rafael. 63, oakland. and much like today, inland, 62 in danville. wispy clouds. 60s in carmel. 63 in morgan hill, here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. and i hope you like what you see. a little bit milder than saturday. mid to upper 60s same range mob. a great way to start off the week. cooler tuesday, looking at accu-weather forecast, notice the chance of showers sharp drop in the temperatures mid to upper 60s. cooler pattern continues on thursday. then, by friday, we're bringing in a chance of rain late on friday. so as mentioned earlier we're two weeks from winter and sure isn't going feel like it.
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we hit the weekend so get your shopping done if you haven't done it yet. go out and enjoy. i'm sandhya pat yes. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> all right. finney's friday free stuff up next how to send out a greeting and raise money for your favorite charity. >> and at 6:00 michael finney coming to the aid of a bay area couple forced to tick a tour of itally without their under wear. that is at 6:00.
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of course so ready for th1qvd fridays don't get better than this, free stuff for the weekend. >> you're right. michael finney is back with something to spice up your life. >> this is what time of the year, nutmeg, kin minute. right? so this is from spice island. etc. just about a ride from
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or any time you can log on to abc 7 we have two additional items. >> fabulous. >> yes. it is. >> thank you. >> just ahead rocking around union square. >> a
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new tonight at 6:00 abc news follows up on a ridge of thieves praying on tourists. we can reveal how three suspects were caught. also, predicament facing san jose police department and why officers are leaving than coming on board. and a little ship that could. tug boat helped keep pearl harbor open off a day that will live on in infamy. it's coming up in half an hour at 6:00. >> thank you. see you then. >> bell ringing in union
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square helped ring in the season today. >> look how fun abc 7 news were at the 32 annual celebrity ringing of the bells outside macy's this morning. >> this year's theme is rock the square featuring a concert including rolling stone cover band. >> that is fun. and weather was nice for it. >> i bet they raised in the of this is "world news." tonight, into the storm. the supreme court says they will rule on the issue of gay marriage in america. a formal decision on the great debate. and you will meet the 83-year-old woman who wants her story to make history. on the brink. families in syria fleeing the crossfire and our reporter makes his way behind the lines. tragic twist.


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